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Hillbrook Grange - Care and Compassion in a Happy Home

A premium Cheshire Care Home for the Elderly

Choosing where and how you live as you get older can be a difficult decision. A residential home can offer you the support you need without losing your independence.

Hillbrook Grange Residential Care Home is a place where you can continue to enjoy full and independent living with the benefit of care and companionship all around you. Our ethos is about creating a compassionate, caring and supportive environment and a fresh and lively atmosphere.

The hallmark of Hillbrook Grange is family and we are committed to making "our home your home".

Based in the heart of Cheshire in Bramhall, Hillbrook Grange is an extended family of residents and carers who live and work together in a happy and caring environment.

Find out for yourself! If you are looking for an ideal care home for the elderly in Stockport then why not spend the day with us? See how things work so well here and sample our tasty home-cooked food!

An extended visit is a great way to help you decide if Hillbrook Grange is a place you feel happy to call your home.

Whether you are looking for yourself or a loved one, call us at anytime to arrange a visit. We look forward to meeting you!

Learn more about our Care Home in Bramhall here

High Quality Care

Our reputation for providing high quality residential care is thanks to the quality of our people. They work tirelessly around the clock to meet the individual needs of our residents in a consistently caring, compassionate and supportive environment.

Hillbrook Grange is a residential care home in Stockport whose residents are happy to call home.

At Hillbrook Grange we are committed to providing high quality residential care and to making "our home your home". Our careful planning ensures that we deliver high standards for each of our residents commensurate with their current health, social and personal care needs.

Thanks to our not-for-profit charitable status our board is able to reinvest all surplus funds for the sole benefit of our residents. Such investments have significantly raised the bar for the standard of residential care at Hillbrook Grange and for care homes across the North West.

Our new wing enhances the care that we can offer here at Hillbrook Grange care home. It is modern and offers new and improved facilities.

For those in need of greater support in a Stockport Care Home at a very attractive cost you need look no further.

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Appointment of new Registered Manager

We are delighted to welcome Mrs Sandra Seymour as our new Registered Manager. Her passion for person-centred care is perfectly in tune with the aims of the Home and she was complimented during the recent CQC inspection. She is very approachable, spending much of her day out of her office, allowing her to get to know all the residents and visitors as well as the staff and Trustees. We feel Hillbrook Grange is in very safe hands!

Staff Required

We are looking for two or three full time staff as well as Bank staff. We are particularly looking for a full time domestic worker. Please contact Kate at or ring 0161 439 7377.for details.

Please note: we have a strict non-smoking policy in the Home and grounds.




Please see the Our People/Situations Vacant page for more details


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